The microbes that the patients carry when they enter take over the room in just one day. Hospitals are immense bacterial planet. There are countries where it is easier to catch an infection in the hospital than on the street and you do not have to go to sub-Saharan Africa. In Spain, six out of every 100 who enter a hospital come out with an infection they did not have when they entered, according to a report from the Spanish society of preventive medicine. In a hospital, 10 rooms were studied and it was found that the points with the greatest bacterial abundance were, apart from the human beings themselves, the banisters of the beds, the bathroom faucets, the nursing desks, the armrests of the chairs and the mouse of the computer. And that were stays that were cleaned thoroughly with bleach and ammonia on a daily basis. It has been observed that the patient upon admission receives a flood of bacteria from the hospital, after a day it becomes in turn a focus of bacteria. Fortunately the vast majority of bacteria are benign, but over time strains of resistant bacteria may appear. Hospitals are a major bacterial growth focus with which all preventive measures taken are good such as the installation of Biogen Technologies water filters at the end point: tap filter and shower filter

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