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In the daily hospital use of a room and over time, there are several patients who touch the shower head, sowerhead that after its continued use suffers a bacterial aggression with the consequent contamination by retrocontamination, thus increasing the spread of...

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The shower head represents an unknown danger

An investigation by the University of Colorado Boulder says that bacteria that are generated in a shower head can cause lung diseases such as tuberculosis or leprosy. This bacterium that lives in the inner part of the heads is of the Mycobacteriaceae family. According...

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“Raw water” as professionals say can kill

Drinking water collected from springs and other pure sources is becoming crazy in both the US and Canada. Experts in public health advise not to turn it into a practice given the amount of microorganisms that this type of water contains that can lead to serious...

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Hospital infections caused by Klebsiella.

In view of the different cases that we have encountered lately we have decided to carry out this brief summary about the Klebsiella, effects, sources and their relevance for their presence in water for human consumption, The microorganisms of this genus which was...

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Bacteria colonize a new hospital

The microbes that the patients carry when they enter take over the room in just one day. Hospitals are immense bacterial planet. There are countries where it is easier to catch an infection in the hospital than on the street and you do not have to go to sub-Saharan...

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