Fairs and events Asturias 27-29 November

We will be present at the 38th hospital engineering seminar. In the National Congress that will take place in Asturias in Gijon (at the Luis Adaro fairgrounds) on the dates from November 27 to 29. We will be happy to assist you at our stand, we remain at your...

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Immunosuppressed people and COVID 19

It is known that in the world there are around 3% of the immunosuppressed population. In a country like the US there are about 10 million immunosuppressed inhabitants. Although before a pathogenic agent, whatever it is, always ends up having a scientific solution. For...

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Covid-19 information.

Biogen Technologies manufactures CE marked endpoint filters that are currently being used in different European hospitals for the specific reason of Covid-19 and that offer absolute protection to the patient against all kinds of harmful germs that could be transported...

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Increase of 57% of legionella in Spain

Spain accounted for 1,631 cases of legionellosis in 2018, compared to 1,493 in 2017 or 1,020 in 2016, representing an increase of 7 percent compared to last year and 57 percent compared to two years ago, according to data from report of 'Compulsory Declaration...

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Biogen Technologies expands its facilities in Barcelona.

  Biogen Technologies, the only Spanish manufacturer of endpoint water filters, expands its facilities in Barcelona.  The differentiation of our products both in filtering efficiency as well as in pure durability at the point of use have made us begin this new...

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In the daily hospital use of a room and over time, there are several patients who touch the shower head, sowerhead that after its continued use suffers a bacterial aggression with the consequent contamination by retrocontamination, thus increasing the spread of...

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