Immunosuppressed people and COVID 19

It is known that in the world there are around 3% of the immunosuppressed population.

In a country like the US there are about 10 million immunosuppressed inhabitants. Although before a pathogenic agent, whatever it is, always ends up having a scientific solution. For example, in the form of a vaccine, it is also very true that sometimes protection is not even guaranteed to said patient generically speaking as an immunosuppressed patient.

This month of May, it has been known through various studies that current vaccines do not protect an immunosuppressed person in the same way versus another who is not. Today it is known that immunosuppressed people are less likely to develop immunity against in this case, COVID, after being vaccinated as well as causing more serious disease.

Today the pathogen that everyone talks about is COVID, although today the WHO warns of the appearance of a new virus that is potentially more dangerous than the coronavirus. The director of this world body affirms that the appearance of a new virus with the capacity to be more transmissible and more deadly is an evolutionary certainty.

Biogen Technologies is an expert in water hygiene and within it manufactures end-point water filters that protect immunosuppressed patients against absolutely any type of water-borne pathogen providing sterile-grade water. Being really important against the protection of pathogens such as multi-resistant pseudomonas; bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and of particular concern to the scientific community.

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