Biogen Technologies, S.L.

Experts in water hygiene
Biogen Technologies, S.L. was founded in 2007 and are experts in water hygiene, within this sector we are manufacturers of what we believe is the leading technology in point-of-use sterile water filtration.

Our point-of-use filters for water, tap and shower, are classified as CE marked medical devices class I in Europe and provide water free of all types of pathogens in the water.

Thus filtration efficiency, such as security and filtering performance (flow / durabilities), etc., our point-of-use filters are specially designed for hospital applications in high-risk areas, irradiated, burned, neonates and various immunosuppressed patients in general.

Our filtration technology is also being used in homes, nursing homes, hotels, boats and such diverse applications ranging from, water fountains, mobile showers for immunosuppressed patients, or simply as anti-legionella filtration in shower heads or taps.

Today we are working on new products according to the needs of the market and always focused on water hygiene in general and in particular on the filtration of water in sterile grade in the final point for tap and shower. As a company, we affirm that there is a lot of evolution to be developed in this type of technology, for which the continuous investment in this development must be part of our daily commitment.

Our vision is none other than to continue to possess the best filtering technology in the final point. This type of product is the only one that guarantees the hygienic conditions of water at the point of consumption, which makes it particularly important for those patients who may be immunosuppressed, which is why we believe that apart from its technological characteristics, another characteristic as its competitiveness, it is not only important for business purposes, but it is through this that it is possible to reduce healthcare costs and, at the same time, universalize a product not yet widespread, technically contrasted, with various applications and unsubstitutable if what is wanted is to guarantee the hygienic conditions of the water at the point where it is consumed.

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