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Biogen Filters

Biogen Technologies, S.L. was founded in 2007 and is currently the leading expert in sustainable Water Hygiene in Europe. 

Within the water hygiene sector we are manufacturers of what we believe to be the world’s leading technology in sterile grade water end point filtration.

Our filters are a reference in efficiency, durability and respect for the environment. It is our materials as well as their origin that differentiate us beyond having ISOs such as 14001 or 9001, which are minimally required in our sector.

From our headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) or Paris (France) we sell in several countries water filtration technology for high risk medical applications such as radiated, burned, neonates and various immunosuppressed patients protecting them from absolutely all known types of waterborne pathogens providing sterile water.

We have the accreditation of the most demanding international standards





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