Biogen Technologies, S.L.

Water Hygiene Experts

Point-of-use tap filter for sterilizing-grade filtration.
Point-of-use shower filter for sterilizing-grade filtration.
Point-of-use tap filter for sterilizing-grade filtration.
In-line filter for sterile filtration.
The H2OFilters are end point filters (POU FILTERS) specially designed for the protection and prevention of nosocomial infections caused by water pathogens, such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, Serratia, Aspergillus, among others. Our filtration system retains the pathogens providing a water in sterile grade.

It is increasingly important to ensure that the water consumed, and not just the water that is ingested, is safe and is not contaminated by microbes.

Nosocomial infections and microbiological outbreaks in the water are becoming more common and their eradication by antibiotics, in the case of infections, are increasingly complicated and costly due to the appearance of multiresistant pathogens. Due to these same pathogens, chlorination, thermal shock, and other disinfection systems must be carried out more regularly, which means an increase in costs.

Biogen Technologies, through its H2Ofilters range of terminal filters for water, provides technically and scientifically proven solutions that are 100% compatible with common disinfection systems.



Biogen Technologies, S.L. was founded in 2007 and are experts in water hygiene, within this sector we are manufacturers of what we believe is the leading technology in point-of-use sterile water filtration. Our point-of-use filters for water, tap and shower, are classified as CE marked medical devices class I in Europe and provide water free of all types of pathogens … read more

Fairs and events Asturias 27-29 November

We will be present at the 38th hospital engineering seminar. In the National Congress that will take place in Asturias in Gijon (at the Luis Adaro fairgrounds) on the dates from November 27 to 29. We will be happy to assist you at our stand, we remain at your...

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Immunosuppressed people and COVID 19

It is known that in the world there are around 3% of the immunosuppressed population. In a country like the US there are about 10 million immunosuppressed inhabitants. Although before a pathogenic agent, whatever it is, always ends up having a scientific solution. For...

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Our technology of bacterial surface protects against SARS-CoV2

In our line of research and continuous improvement of our technology, today, we can firmly affirm that the antibacterial surface technology used in the manufacture of end-point filters protects patients against potential contamination by SARS-CoV2 on their surface....

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