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Bio products launchment

Biogen Technologies launches first worldwide market filter manufactured by 90% from biobasted and biodegradable materials in industrial compostability conditions.

Finished filter with more than 60% of BBC (Bio-Based Carbon) as a fraction of total carbon, in standardized test in 16640: 2017 (AMS) performed in an accredited independent laboratory. This filter is respectful of the environment.

Among its characteristics, highlight: high filter efficiency, sterile filtration (FDA ASTM F838-05), flow*: +8l/min @ 3 bar (43PSI) and 40ºC, working pressure: 2-4 bar (25-56PSI) , Microfiltration, validated against all germs (legionella, pseudomonas, aspergilus, brevundimone, etc.). Temperature 1: Maximum operational temperature 60ºC, temperature 2: Resistant to thermal shock, durability*: up to 4 months (to validate at the client’s house). Immediate protection, pH range: 2-13, comprehensive sealing with ultrasound. All H2O Biotap filters undergo an integrity test (one by one), not reusable. This filter has been subjected to a disinfection process and has been packaged in a controlled environment. According to ISO 13485, in ISO 9001 and in ISO 14001.

It would be used for oncology, burned, UCIS, neonatology and in all those services where the protection of an immunosuppressed patient is required.

We are currently working with these bio products in the Quirón Group.

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