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The shower head represents an unknown danger

An investigation by the University of Colorado Boulder says that bacteria that are generated in a shower head can cause lung diseases such as tuberculosis or leprosy. This bacterium that lives in the inner part of the heads is of the Mycobacteriaceae family.

According to a study by the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), these microorganisms are more present in the US than in Europe. It usually happens in California, Florida or New York in municipal water in hot spots.

The research is based on the analysis of 656 domestic showers in the USA and 13 in Europe. The inside of the heads has been studied.

On the other hand, they have discovered that the sprayers of steel accumulates more micro bacteria than those of plastic, and this is because the plastic filters avoid the colonization of bacteria, according to some experts.

Experts explain that any measure that is made in the materials we use can change the composition of these microbial communities, so the use of H20wer3600 Biogen Technologies shower filter can improve and help solve this problem at the point of end use.

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