New launchment: H20 Flusher

In 2023, after a long time spent in R & D, Biogen Technologies launches the H20 FLUSHER. Covering a new need in the hospital market.

 In recent times there has been more and more awareness of the role that water and its hygiene play in the transmission of pathogens, which is why Biogen Technologies launches the H2OFlusher on the market, which, although on the one hand it has a practicable drain that allows its disinfection, on the other hand it has an absolutely tight non-return valve that prevents the emission of germs present in the siphon from the sealing liquid.

Today, for example, it is known that hospital drains are a very important reservoir of pathogens, it is also known that the siphons under the sinks in hospitals are another open reservoir of pathogens and a continuous source of germs, these They contain an average of 10 5 -10 10 CFU/ml of bacteria, including 10 3 -10 6 CFU/ml of gram-negative bacilli. If these are not kept clean and disinfected, they will become a reservoir of microorganisms that cause nosocomial infections, hence the launch of this new product.

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