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A multidrug-resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa outbreak appears in the burn unit transmitted by water.

Transmission between patients occurs through the hands of health care personnel and through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Material: from the detection of PAMR infection with antibiotic sensitive only to colistin and amikacin, a microbiological screening of all colonized and / or infected patients admitted to the unit was carried out. A multidisciplinary study group was set up to study and contain the outbreak. The presence of multiresistant pseudomonas in samples of water, surfaces and parts of the faucet and drains was investigated. An epidemiological and molecular investigation of the isolates was carried out. Implementation of monitoring protocols and actions to contain the outbreak. Cleaning, complementary disinfection of the water conduction system, with cleaning and a disinfection of surfaces, complemented with final use of ultraviolet radiation. Likewise, the use of filters in the end of the faucet and shower H2Ofilters of the company Biogen Technologies SL.

Results: 14 PAMR isolates were obtained corresponding to drains and faucets, also confirming the presence in the water supply installation. The work of the multidisciplinary team involved allows to act quickly and to agree protocols and actions were able to eradicate the presence of PAMR in the affected unit both in patients and in the environment. For more information please see below:

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