EU warns of health risk for ‘alarming’ superbacteria

Superbacteria found in people, animals and food in the European Union pose an alarming threat to public health and food, as they have evolved to become resistant to the most commonly used antibiotics, as medical professionals warn.

There are known to be 25,000 deaths each year in the EU because of these superbugs. Considerable efforts have been made to stop them, but it is not enough, you must be faster, stronger and act on several fronts.

Drug resistance is caused by misuse and overuse of antibiotics, which causes bacteria to evolve, survive and develop new methods to beat the medicines.

It has also been found that within the EU the areas less resistant to these superbugs are the north and west, facing south and east due to differences in the level of use and overuse of medicines.

For more information: La UE advierte del riesgo para la salud por las “alarmantes” superbacterias

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