klebsiella pneumoniae

Hospital infections caused by Klebsiella

In view of the different cases that we have encountered lately we have decided to carry out this brief summary about the Klebsiella, effects, sources and their relevance for their presence in water for human consumption,

The microorganisms of this genus which was named after Edwin Klebs, a german microbiologist of the late nineteenth century, is composed of several species, among which are: P. pneumoniae, K. oxidetoca, K. planticola and K.terrigine . The vast majority of Klebsiellas isolated in Hospitals are K.pneumoniae.

The people most exposed are obviously people with weak immune systems, such as burns, cancer patients, elderly, neonates, etc., and may give rise to hospital infections in this type of patient.

Klebsiella spp. It is present in aquatic environments and multiply well in waters with high concentrations of nutrients. These microorganisms can proliferate in water distribution systems and are known to colonize taps.

Although it is unlikely that ingestion of a water colonized with Klebsiella could cause a health risk can certainly cause serious problems even death to an immunosuppressed person.

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