“It is very difficult not to have a Legionella infection in a hospital.”

The hospitals are prepared at the level of services and furniture to avoid the spread of Legionella, although cases continue to occur. This is the main topic that was discussed at the 35th National Congress of Hospital Engineering.
In the congress the lecturer Isabel Marin made mention to that same fact, that although all the Hospitals are equipped and avoid Legionella, there are frequent cases of infections that may arise at any time.

Engineers working in the Hospital can be considered responsible for legionella outbreaks

Another issue to be discussed was that if the Engineer would be responsible in case there was an outbreak, the conclusion was that in case there was an outbreak the engineer would not be directly responsible since he cares about the facilities nothing more , otherwise it would be the Department of Health or Health Counseling in case the Hospital were public.

More information: “El riesgo de contagio cero en el hospital por legionela no existe”

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