New standard UNE 100030:2017

The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) publishes a new standard UNE 100030:2017 on the prevention and control of Legionella. This standard replaces the previous one by expanding its content. The new measures foreseen in this standard will prevent Legionellosis infection, considered a serious and dangerous infection in our Hospitals. This new UNE will require new requirements.

It is aimed at all those installations within the Hospital that are related to water, industrial installations and means of transport. All of them are possible centers for the spread of legionellosis.

The aim of this standard is to minimize the cases of legionellosis. The thing that can be emphasized more is the application of alternative methods to the culture to find legionellosis, recommendation of the installation of endpoint antilegionella filters in facilities such as hemodialysis rooms, immunodepressed, transplanted, neonates etc, and in case of outbreak in addition to the relevant disinfection in facilities will also be recommended the installation of endpoint filters.

In Spain more and more cases of Legionella are occurring, that is why efforts are being focused on new regulations and their modification.

More information: ¿Cuáles son las novedades de la UNE 100030:2017 de Legionella?

Our end-point filters retain all types of germs, such as pseudomonas, Legionella etc.

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