Growth Biogen Technologies in 2022

Biogen, a specialist in sustainable water hygiene with facilities in Barcelona (Spain) and Paris (France) and its own technology, exports end-point water filtration solutions to several European countries and more and more Latin American countries.

Whether for the hospital market, our reference, as well as for the ancillary company of medical devices or related to hospital water, or for the non-medical market, Biogen Technologies manufactures, develops and sells solutions that differ from all its competitors in sustainability and durability, in short, in a technology that we believe will continue to be a leader in this market.

Nowadays, awareness of the hygiene of the water we consume on a daily basis has increased among the population, and it is no longer only in hospital contexts where water microbiology is a concern, but also outside these contexts where more and more people in general are looking for economical and efficient solutions to ensure clean water, free of germs (Pseudomonas, Legionella, Aspergilus, Klebsiella, etc.), microplastics, or suspended particles that could be harmful to humans.

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