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Covid-19 information

Biogen Technologies manufactures CE marked endpoint filters that are currently being used in different European hospitals for the specific reason of Covid-19 and that offer absolute protection to the patient against all kinds of harmful germs that could be transported by water.

We recommend that you always contact us via email, although our hours have changed due to the situation, we are still open and manufacturing this type of Medical Device.

Sometimes the particles and dirt in suspension in the water can be seen with the naked eye, but many of the particles that negatively affect your airways and your body in general are not always visible to the naked eye.

Our H2OTAP4000 and H2OWER4500 shower and faucet references retain all waterborne germs by providing sterile endpoint filtration (FDA) in ASTM 838-05 standard test.

Biogen Technologies S.L. It is the European leader in providing its filters with the greatest effective real durability at the point of use and its entire quality system in its manufacture is certified by SGS complying with ISO 13485 corresponding to this type of Medical Device.

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