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Alexander Fleming Antibiotic revolution is nowadays not so effective

Fotografía: Ariadna Creus i Àngel García

There are many articles describing a reality, and that is none other that there are many deaths caused by nosocomial infections several that are not being referred as to. These are, no doubt, very underestimated worldwide. The reason are the obvious problems caused by documenting own failures such us lawsuits, claims, losses to insurance companies, etc. that a hospital or the medical personal would face when explaining a complication caused by the infection, the reason said for its under-dimensioning.

If that reality is compounded by another even greater, that all pathogens and viruses that cause these infections describe somehow evolve and learn as does our own immune system, the result is that we are heading into an era post -antibiótica in which classical and common infections that until today and for many decades were under control again become deadly. That is why Fleming antibiotic revolution that has saved millions of lives is no longer in force.

If additionally we sum up the fact that it is precisely in a hospital where we can find more cases of immunocompromised individuals, infants, elderly, burns, cancer patients, etc. is when a solution at source is essential.

50% of infections occurred in a hospital, also called nosocomial, have an origin or are carried by the water. There are several methods by which a hospital hygienically safe water, although none is more secure, efficient and competitive than providing endpoint sterile water filtration using filters for faucet and shower terminals.

Talking about “costs” when what we are really talking is about life is complex, but whatever it is, the additional costs that brings an infection is a reality, either in the form of medication, either in day stay or in medical care. It is when the advantages and the “profitability” of a prevention source to solve the problem is properly evaluated as visible.

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