Anti-Legionella shower filter

Shelf life

6 to 9 months


Direct to ½" flexo


Advanced sterilant of 0.1 um.

Bacteriostatic treatment

ISO 22196​


GS1 Electronic Datamatrix through Biogenfilters APP

Technical data

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Legionella can occur not only in hospital contexts but in any type of residential building, be it your home, a hotel, nursing homes, nursing homes, schools, etc., reaching the lungs by inhaling the water vapor that forms during the consumption of hot water, showers, etc.

By means of this filtering with its own legally protected technology, you will obtain immediate, real and lasting protection.

Technical characteristics:

  • Leader in the global market in flow and durability, between 6 to 9 months*.
  • Complete and immediate protection, (reduction of 7 logarithmic scales, 99.99999% germ-free).
  • Quick and easy installation (directly to the ½” hose).
  • Compatible with chemical or thermal disinfections.
  • Working pressure up to 5 bars.
  • Bacteriostatically treated carcass inhibiting bacterial growth on the surface.

The H2Opurewer reference is the most complete and durable reference that exists on the market today.

*This durability is measured with water <0.5 UNTs.

Bacteriostatically treated hospital showerheads

While replacement showerheads are a necessity in medical facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, most of them use traditional showerheads. Here are the reasons why it makes sense to use a certified bacteriostatic showerhead like the one we manufacture at Biogen Technologies S.L.

With use, the artichoke head, both inside and outside, accumulates dirt in the form of a viscous film “biofilm” which is nothing more than germs such as mycobacterium, pseudomona, E. coli, or several others that can cause lung diseases and various other diseases, in addition, through repeated contact by different people an artichoke can be contaminated by retrocontamination. That is why we recommend the use of such an artichoke whose cost does not differ from that of a traditional shower head but reduces the risk of infection. 

Technical characteristics: 

  • ISO 22196 certified by independent laboratory.
  • Bacteria levels in contact with our shower head are reduced by 80% in the first 15 minutes and 99% after two hours, inhibiting bacterial growth on the surface.
  • Molds with mirror finish. Surface porosity is very low, further reducing the risk of colonization.
  • Universal ½” thread.
  • Possibility of associating it to a flow reduction of 6l/min. at 3 bars.


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