Anti-Legionella tap filter


Shelf life

6 to 9 months


Via quick connector


Advanced sterilant of 0.1 um.

Bacteriostatic treatment

ISO 22196​


GS1 Electronic Datamatrix through Biogenfilters APP

Technical data

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Legionella can occur not only in hospital contexts but in any type of residential building, whether it is your home, a hotel, residences, nursing homes, schools, etc., reaching the lungs by inhaling the water vapor that is formed during the consumption of hot water, showers, etc.

Through such filtration with its own legally protected technology you will get immediate, real and durable protection. 

Technical features: 

  • Global market leader in flow rate and durability, from 6 to 9 months*.
  • Complete and immediate protection (reduction of 7 logarithmic scales, 99.99999% germ-free).
  • Quick and easy installation, (by means of M22 or M24 quick connector).
  • Compatible with chemical or thermal disinfection.
  • Working pressure up to 5 bars.
  • Bacteriostatically treated casing inhibiting bacterial growth on the surface.

The H2Opurewer reference is the most complete and durable reference available on the market today.

*Said durability is measured with water <0,5 UNTs.


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