The World Health Organization (WHO) is continuing its efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance, one of the greatest threats to global health today. OMS is publishing for the first time a list of priority pathogens for which new antibiotics are urgently needed.

These have been divided into three categories according to the urgency with which the new antibiotic are needed: critical priority, high priority and medium priority. A number of factors have been taken into account in this work: the degree of lethality of the infections caused by these bacteria, the fact that they require a long hospitalization or not, the frequency with which they are resistant to the antibiotics, the ease with which they are transmitted between animals and people, if they can be prevented through vaccination, and lastly how many therapeutic options are available at the moment and whether or not new antibiotics are being investigated.

Thus the WHO has admitted that effectively the issue of resistance is clearly a scientific problem, it is increasingly difficult to discover new therapies, it is also what they have called a lack of market incentives. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find new antibiotics. Thus the purpose of publication of this list has been to ask the government and industry to work on the subject, so that it is worth investigating new antibiotics not to be overused. Also to raise awareness of this issue to international governments.

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