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In the daily hospital use of a room and over time, there are several patients who touch the shower head, sowerhead that after its continued use suffers a bacterial aggression with the consequent contamination by retrocontamination, thus increasing the spread of nosocomial diseases.
Biogen Technologies launches
this shower head bacteriostatically treated in a forceful way (H2OwerProtect)
in a way that minimizes the possibility of retrograde contamination protecting
the hospital patient from the continued use of the shower.

This product is certified
according to ISO22196 by independent laboratory, has a “mirror”
finish without micropores thus avoiding easy colonization of its surface and is
also made of an ABS with “food in contact” certification at European

Contact our sales
representative if you are interested in your actual results at the point of use
in a real situation of use in a hospital (test in hospital).

ISO Certificate