Foires et événements Asturias 27-29 Novembre.

Nous serons présents au 38ème séminaire d'ingénierie hospitalière. Au Congrès National qui aura lieu dans les Asturies à Gijon (au parc des expositions Luis Adaro) aux dates du 27 au 29 novembre.Nous serons ravis de vous assister sur notre stand, nous restons à votre...

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Personnes immunodéprimées et la COVID-19

Mercredi, 26 mai 2021 Nous savons que 3% environ de la population mondiale est immunodéprimée. Aux États-Unis, 10 milions de personnes environ sont immunodéprimées. La science finit toujours par trouver une solution contre tout pathogène. Normalement, sous la forme...

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The shower head represents an unknown danger

An investigation by the University of Colorado Boulder says that bacteria that are generated in a shower head can cause lung diseases such as tuberculosis or leprosy. This bacterium that lives in the inner part of the heads is of the Mycobacteriaceae family. According...

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“Raw water” as professionals say can kill

Drinking water collected from springs and other pure sources is becoming crazy in both the US and Canada. Experts in public health advise not to turn it into a practice given the amount of microorganisms that this type of water contains that can lead to serious...

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Hospital infections caused by Klebsiella

In view of the different cases that we have encountered lately we have decided to carry out this brief summary about the Klebsiella, effects, sources and their relevance for their presence in water for human consumption, The microorganisms of this genus which was...

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