This was marked by a study / investigation, events that occurred in the city of Verona, Italy.

In a ward of the Hospital for Women and Children of Borgo Trento, in Verona, Italy, the death of four babies was recorded, at various times starting in 2018. Recently an investigation revealed the cause of the tragedy, which also left 96 little sick people.

The organism was found in the water taps and also in the baby’s bottles, so experts realized that the hospital staff were not boiling the water before giving it to the patients. This is a basic practice, which they ignored.

Sick and incurable children are a precious asset for society, they must be protected and respected as persons and as individuals.

In addition to poor procedures, the report also noted that the extent of what was happening was underestimated and the emergency that led to the death of four babies and severe brain damage in nine others was not addressed in time.

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