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Biogen Technologies, S.L.

Experts in water hygiene

Biogen Technologies, S.L. was founded in 2007 and are experts in water hygiene, within this sector we are manufacturers of what we believe is the leading technology in point-of-use sterile water filtration.

Our point-of-use filters for water, tap and shower, are classified as CE marked medical devices class I in Europe and provide water free of all types of pathogens in the water.

Thus filtration efficiency, such as security and filtering performance (flow / durabilities), etc., our point-of-use filters are specially designed for hospital applications in high-risk areas, irradiated, burned, neonates and various immunosuppressed patients in general.

Our filtration technology is also being used in homes, nursing homes, hotels, boats and such diverse applications ranging from, water fountains, mobile showers for immunosuppressed patients, or simply as anti-legionella filtration in shower heads or taps.

Today we are already in the final test for a new point-of-use water filter for tap and shower that will provide not just a sterile filtration (FDA) but retain virus and endotoxins too. With our cutting edge filtering technology we are becoming the first company worldwide in manufacturing a usable and reliable point-of-use water filter for tap and shower with an ultrafiltration membrane inside. Such a product supplies the highest retentions in a point of use filter in the whole market up to now.

Our vision is nothing different than being the best final water filtration technology worldwide.

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